Why Acecargo

30 years of business experience

We are a family business with a highly qualified and committed team

Founded by Ronald Chaytor and his wife Ximena Montaldo, the company had a strong growth during the first 5 years of life.

On this period our company was the exclusive freight forwarder for the Chilean army. Acecargo constantly gave advice to this entity, achieving an efficient and consolidated logistics for them, which continues to this day.

Acecargo became a multipurpose company, that participates in many industries (construction, retail, industrial, etc), delivering a door to door service.


Our mission is to keep under control the logistic of our clients at every moment.
Constantly Inform to make every operation clear and efficient as possible.


Each assigned operation has different stages and each one will be monitored by our team. In parallel, we´ll always maintain our clients informed about the current status of their cargo. Our team is available 24 hours every day, we consider that this industrie demands this kind of commitment.


We are always looking for the best interest of our clients, in terms of cost and transit for each operation.


Acecargo will always persuit to make long term relationships with their clients.
Our purpose is to participate in the whole logistic chain, this way we can improve
the existing operation, achieving scale economics and efficiency in the process.
This is the biggest differentiating element, that our company wants to portray in the market.

Our Team

Noel Chaytor

General Manager

Roland Chaytor

Executive Director

José Miguel Silva

Back Office Executive

Import Departures & Export Arrivals

Paola Álvarez

Back Office Executive

Import Arrival & Export Departures

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